Factions and cults of the Uncharted Territories

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Factions and cults of the Uncharted Territories Empty Factions and cults of the Uncharted Territories

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The Role of Cults in daily life
The concept of faithlessness does not exist in the territories. People perceive their gods and goddesses to be names for aspects of daily life and creation. In war, it is only logical to wish for the favor of Tempus. It is synonymous with good luck, peak performance, bravery and clarity. The faithful, however, very rarely reach the extreme devotion that is customary in the clergy of other continents. Monasteries have been virtually unheard of for several centuries, and the priests and shamans of the Cults often pay their respects to other deities, even keeping with their Feast Days.

The Cult of Paletius

Paletius is He-Above, the All-Seeing Eye. He is the God of Magic, Knowledge, and the Sun. He is recognizable as a divine father-figure all across the Uncharted Territories. He represents divine order and holds above all the belief that this divinity is expressed in its most pure by the studied application of the human intellect. He is the patron god of all Scholars, the god of thought, wards and runes. His favored weapon is the morningstar and his favored animal is the Eagle. The Imperial Eagle of Gutenbeere was chosen in honor of Paletius.

The Cult of Tempus

For the Uncharted Lands, Tempus is the Lord of Battles and the God of War. He is worshiped and feared for his chaotic nature. His cult is divided between the virtuous who ask for the strength to face Evil and the less scrupulous believers who believe that the will of Tempus is simply that the mighty vanquish the weak. He is the patron God of fighters, martial artists, duellists, tacticians, and war-time healers. His favored weapon is the greatsword. Rumors have it that an order of Paladin-Assassins exists with the sole purpose of interpreting the signs of tempus and assassinating His chosen targets. They are called the Darkblades of Tempus.

The Cult of Jieronymus

According to myth, Jieronymus was a monk from the now sunk Temple of Malkam. Malkam was in turn a monk of Paletius who defied the God and tried to unlock the secrets of immortality. Legends imply that Malkam was somehow smitten for his arrogance and all clues of his existence (and some say an entire continent along with them) were swallowed up by the sea. Only Jieronymus survived, taking the ancient secrets along with him into the Uncharted Territories. It is unknown whether anything of Jieronymus' cult survives, even though many foul deeds are attributed to his followers. His favored animal is the crow.

The Cult of Istar

Istar is the name the elves and the commoners give to the moon. She is the Goddess of the Night, Pleasure, Magic, and Language. She is often worshiped by Bards and commoners who appreciate the pleasures of a simple, peaceful life. Feast Nights in honor of Istar are common in the entire continent. Her favored weapon is the whip. The lark is her favorite animal. Disrespect towards the Goddess is always perceived a sign of incivility and belligerence.

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