August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster

Post by Johan Berg on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:43 am

Johan Berg (Yosa Najin)
Lvl 15 True Professional (Pass-time, hobbies & professions : Pet Trainer, Scroll Scoundrel, Spy, Swindler, Underground Chemist, Charlatan, Burglar, Rake)

Male | Neutral (tends & pretends to be Lawful Good) | Height 172 cm. | Weight 74 Kg. | Age: 36 | Deity: Yolana

HP 93, AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10
Fort +7, Ref +12, Will +6; speed 30 ft; Senses Darkvision 60ft, Low-light vision
ressistance  cold 5, electricity 5; Immune Cold, Sleep, Paralysis, Nonlethal Damage
Initiative +3
BaB +11/+6/+1
+2 saves, attack rolls, Initiative on Kingdom territory
Rapier +14/+9/+4 (dmg 1d8 +1)
Dagger +14/+9/+4 (dmg 1d4+1)

STR 12(+1), DEX 16(+3), CON 14(+2),INT 18(+4), WIS 10(+0), CHA 26(+8 )

(+2 to all re-rolls)
Acrobatics +21 (can always take 10)
Bluff +52 (can always take 10, 1/day roll twice keep best, 1/day roll twice keep second, Follow failed lie with another lie, -5 penalty for unlikely, far-fetched, impossible lies)
Diplomacy +52 (can always take 10, 1/day roll twice keep best, 1/day roll twice keep second, +3 Diplomacy for starting attitude)
Disguise +26 (can always take 10, 1/day roll twice keep best)
Escape Artist +21
Intimidate +26 (can always take 10)
Know(Dung) +23
Know(Local) +27
Perception +4
Profession(Soldier) +18
Profession(Gambling) +25 (can always take 10)
Sense Motive +26 (can always take 10, 1/day roll twice keep best)
Sleight of Hand +28 (can always take 10, 1/day roll twice keep best)
Stealth +31 (can always take 10, when detected, roll Bluff vs Sense motive, if success "Mustavbinthewind")
U.M.D. +26

Racial Abilities:

Type Outsider(Native) & Humanoid(human) due to trait (Bound to Here) can pass for human without using the Disguise skill.

Speed: 30ft | Size: Medium | +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis

Languages: Common, Aquan, Auran, Draconic, Ignan

Emissary: roll twice on Bluff or Diplomacy once per day (keep second)

Shadow Agent: +2 racial bonus to Bluff & Diplomacy

Vision: Darkvision 60ft, Low-light vision

Ressistance: Cold 5, Electric 5

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp):

Caster level is total Hit Dice
1/day Disguise self
1/day Shadow walk (self only)
1/day Plane shift (self only, to the Shadow Plane or the Material Plane only)

Vanila Class Abilities:

Charmer (Ex):

Once per day, the rogue can roll two dice while making a Diplomacy check, and take the better result. She must choose to use this talent before making the Diplomacy check. A rogue can use this ability one additional time per day for every 5 rogue levels she possesses.

Fast Fingers (Ex):

Once per day, a rogue with this talent can roll two dice while making a Sleight of Hand check and take the better result. She must choose to use this talent before making the Sleight of Hand check. A rogue can use this ability one additional time per day for every 5 rogue levels she possesses.

Hard to Fool (Ex):

Once per day, a rogue with this talent can roll two dice while making a Sense Motive check, and take the better result. She must choose to use this talent before making the Sense Motive check. A rogue can use this ability one additional time per day for every 5 rogue levels she possesses.

Honeyed Words (Ex):

Once per day, the rogue can roll two dice while making a Bluff check, and take the better result. She must choose to use this talent before making the Bluff check. A rogue can use this ability one additional time per day for every 5 rogue levels she possesses.

Rumormonger (Ex):

A rogue with this talent can attempt to spread a rumor through a small town or larger settlement by making a Bluff check. She can do so a number of times per week equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 0). The DC is based on the size of the settlement, and it takes a week for the rumor to propagate through the settlement. If the check succeeds, the rumor is practically accepted as fact within the community; succeeding by 5 or more over the DC decreases the time it takes the rumor to propagate by 1d4 days. A failed check means the rumor failed to gain traction, while failing by 5 or more causes the opposite of the rumor or some other competing theory involving the rumor’s subject to take hold.

Peerless Actor (Ex):

A ninja with this trick makes two rolls when making Disguise checks and takes the better of the two rolls. If she already rolls twice while making a Disguise check because of another ability or effect, she gains a +2 insight bonus on both of those rolls instead. If the ninja is under the effect of a spell or ability that forces her to roll two dice and take the worse result, she only needs to roll 1d20 while making Disguise checks.

One of Those Faces (Sp):

Each day, you can use disguise self as a spell-like ability for up to 10 minutes per character level.

This duration need not be continuous, but it must be used in 10-minute increments. Additionally, once you have used this ability, whenever you use it for the next 24 hours you must take the same alternate appearance.

Glib Facade (Sp):

Once per day, a rogue with this advanced talent can use glibness as a spell-like ability, using her rogue level as the spell's caster level.

Class Archetype Abilities:

True Professional
Skill Expertise (Ex):

The true professional gains 2 extra class skills of the player’s choice. The true professional also gains a morale bonus to one skill equal to half her rogue level.

Bonus Feats

A true professional gains a bonus feat at 1st level, plus another one at 3rd, and every two levels thereafter. The true professional may choose any feat for which she qualifies.

Exceptionally Skilled (Ex)

A true professional gains 2 extra skill points per rogue level.

Pet Trainer
Animal Companion (Ex):

At 1st level, a pet trainer gains an animal companion, similar to the druid class feature. The pet trainer treats his rogue levels as druid levels for this ability, and these levels stack with those of any other class that grants an animal companion.

The pet trainer may have more than one animal companion, but he must divide up his effective druid level between his companions to determine the abilities of each companion. For example, a pet trainer with an effective druid level of 4 can have one 4th-level companion, two 2nd-level companions, or one 1st-level and one 3rd-level companion. Each time a pet trainer’s effective druid level increases, he must decide how to allocate the increase among his animal companions (including the option of adding a new 1st-level companion). Once an effective druid level is allocated to a particular companion, it cannot be redistributed while that companion is in the rogue’s service (he must release a companion or wait until a companion dies to allocate its levels to another companion). The rogue’s animal companions do not gain the share spells ability, and if the rogue possesses levels in another class that grants the shared spells ability, this does not give the rogue the ability to cast a single spell so that it affects all of his animal companions.

A pet trainer’s animal companions adds Sleight of Hand to the list of skills they may be trained in, but they may only use this skill to lift small objects from a person. They may also select Improved Steal as a feat, even if they don’t meet the prerequisites. Using the Steal combat maneuver or the Sleight of Hand skill requires knowing the ‘grab’ trick.

Scroll Scoundrel
Fast Talker (Ex):

At 2nd level, a scroll scoundrel’s penalty on Bluff checks that are unlikely, farfetched, or impossible to achieve is reduced by 5. When he makes a Diplomacy check to adjust a creature’s starting attitude, he gains a +3 competence bonus on the skill check.

Skilled Liar (Ex):

Whenever a spy uses Bluff to attempt to deceive someone, she gains a bonus on the opposed roll equal to 1/2 her rogue level (minimum +1). This bonus does not apply to feint attempts or attempts to pass secret messages.


Quicker Than the Eye (Ex):

At 2nd level, when the swindler uses Sleight of Hand, creatures take a penalty on their Perception checks equal to half the swindler’s class level to notice the attempt. The swindler also reduces the normal –20 penalty by an amount equal to her class level when attempting a Sleight of Hand check as a move action instead of as a standard action.

Lastly, the swindler can draw hidden weapons or objects from her person as a move action instead of the usual standard action.

Underground Chemist
Discovery (Su): Mummification (Ex):

The alchemist has mastered preserving flesh and applied this knowledge to his own body, turning himself into an undead-like creature. After learning this discovery, the alchemist must perform a 30-day regimen of a special diet, rigorous exercise, and drinking a mildly poisonous alchemical tea. At the end of this regimen, he falls unconscious for 24 hours, then awakens as a “living mummy.” The alchemist’s type does not change, but he becomes immune to cold, nonlethal damage, paralysis, and sleep.

Natural Born Liar (Ex):

At 1st level, when a charlatan successfully deceives a creature with a Bluff, that creature takes a –2 penalty on the charlatan’s Bluff checks for the next 24 hours. This ability does not stack with itself.

Distraction (Ex):

At 8th level, whenever a burglar is detected while using Stealth, she can immediately attempt a Bluff skill check opposed by the Sense Motive skill of the creature that spotted her. If this check succeeds, the target assumes that the noise was something innocent and disregards the detection. This only functions if the creature cannot see the rogue. This ability can only be used once during a given Stealth attempt. If the same creature detects the rogue’s presence again, the ability has no effect.

Rake’s Smile (Ex):

At 3rd level, a rake gains a +1 morale bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks. This bonus increases by +1 for every 3 levels beyond 3rd.

Feats with Race requirement:
Fast Learner (Human): Can take 2 favored class bonuses each level [1 fetchling(+1/2 lvl stealth + sleight) & 1 human (+1/6 lvl rogue talents)]

Story Feats:


You have sacrificed your true identity in order to achieve your goal.

Prerequisite(s): Must have adopted an assumed or secret identity associated with an enemy organization.

Benefit: Once per day when you succeed at a saving throw to negate a divination, you learn what the divination would have revealed and can spend an immediate action to cause the divination to return appropriate false information you imagine that would fit with your cover identity.

Goal: Thwart the organization you have infiltrated, defeating or turning to your cause an appropriate number of challenging foes in the process.

Completion Benefit: Whenever a spell or spell-like ability would reveal information about you, you can attempt a Will saving throw. If your saving throw is successful, the spell reveals nothing about you. You can use this feat’s benefits to instead give false information, as detailed above.

Nation Builder:

The land calls to you to conquer it and forge a realm all your own.

Prerequisite: You must have explored and claimed an area of at least 100 square miles.

Benefit: When in either unclaimed wilderness or land under your own control, you receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks, Stealth checks, and Survival checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus on that skill increases to +4 .

Goal: Explore and conquer an area of at least 1,000 square miles, in the process decisively defeating a challenging foe. You must also lay claim to the land either in your own name or in the name of a leader you directly report to, and establish a stronghold or other fortification to defend it.

Completion Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks, attack rolls, and saving throws while in the area you have claimed.

Object of Legend(Throne Card):
The object of your quest drives you ever forward.

Prerequisite(s): You must have some highly personal stake in attaining the object of your quest as determined collectively by you and the GM—such as needing an ancestral weapon to exact your revenge against a known betrayer, seeking to destroy the artifact that caused your family's downfall generations ago, or attempting to behead a monster that ravaged your homeland during your youth.

Benefit(s): When you gain this feat, select one of the quest objects on this page, or devise a quest object with your GM based on the quest objects presented in this section.

You gain a +2 bonus on any Knowledge checks to gain information on the object of your quest. If you have 10 or more ranks in the Knowledge skill in question, the bonus increases to +4. In addition, once per day when you threaten a critical hit against a foe who specifically aims to stop you from completing your quest, you gain a +10 bonus on your confirmation roll against that opponent. You must announce the use of this ability after threatening the critical hit and before rolling your confirmation roll. This bonus does not stack with bonuses on confirmation rolls from other feats, such as Critical Focus.

Goal: Attain the object of your quest, as determined by you and the GM upon taking this feat. This likely means decidedly obtaining the item for yourself, though in some cases (such as when the quest object is more abstract or intangible) this might mean slaying a certain foe, achieving a certain honor, or completing some other set of predetermined objectives.

Completion Benefit(s): You gain renown throughout a region, perhaps even an entire continent. You are sung of in bardic tales and can be the subject of spells such as legend lore, regardless of your actual level. Commoners in nearby lands know of your deeds, and your reputation precedes you in numerous lands. In addition, you gain a specific benefit keyed to the object of your quest. See the quest objects in this section for examples of completion benefits when devising your own quest objects for use with this feat.


You seek to build a bastion against which your enemies shall break like water against the rocks.

Prerequisite: You must have the Leadership feat and must lead at least 10 combat-capable followers (such as fighters or rangers).

Benefit: You can spend a move action to give battle orders to your troops, granting creatures under your command within 60 feet your choice of a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, a +1 dodge bonus to AC, or a +1 bonus on a single type of saving throw. All creatures must receive the same benefit. You can't use this benefit on allies not under your command. This is a language-dependent, mind-affecting effect.

Goal: Build or capture a stronghold capable of housing a force of at least 200 troops, and staff it with at least 100 combat-capable soldiers (or the equivalent) under your command. You must also provide food and water sufficient to survive at least a 6-month siege and a gold reserve sufficient for at least 6 months of wages if your troops require pay.

Completion Benefit: Your battle order bonuses improve to +2, and the range of your orders increases to 120 feet. In addition, you can give two different orders to your troops. For example, you could grant your archers +2 on attack rolls while your front line gains a +2 bonus to AC.

Skill Feats:

Strong Comeback: Whenever you are allowed to reroll an ability check, a skill check, or a saving throw, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on the reroll
2x Skill focus +6 Bluff  & +6 Diplomacy
Persuasive +4 Diplomacy & +4 Intimidate
Alertness +4 Perception & +4 Sense Motive

General Feats:

Weapon Finesse
Brilliant Planner:
You can prepare for future contingencies without defining what those preparations are until they are relevant. As a part of this preparation, while in a settlement for at least 24 hours, you can take 8 hours and spend up to 50 gp per character level, which becomes your brilliant plan fund. While you have a brilliant plan pending, you are always treated as carrying 20 additional pounds of weight, even before you define your brilliant plan.

Once per day, you can take 10 minutes to enact a brilliant plan, withdrawing an item that would have been available in a settlement you visited or procuring a mundane service that your character planned ahead of time. Once you enact the plan, subtract the price of the item or service from this feat's fund. Any item procured must weigh 10 pounds or less. Likewise, the GM must approve any non-magical service you gain by using this feat as being appropriate for the location selected.

Once you have spent all the money in your brilliant plan fund or procured 20 pounds of objects with this feat, you cannot use the feat again until you replenish your brilliant plan fund.

When you fail to deceive someone with a Bluff check, you can immediately attempt another version of the same basic deception against that creature at a –5 penalty by downplaying the failed Bluff and quickly moving on to another one. You cannot use this ability if the first Bluff was so egregious that further checks would have been impossible (as per the Bluff skill). If you fail the second attempt, you cannot retry the Bluff check and all further attempts to perpetrate that particular deception are impossible.

Minion Feats:

Familiar Bond
Improved Familiar Bond
Monstrous Companion
Improved Familiar
Far-Roaming Familiar
Improved Shared Spells
Telepathetic Link


Ring of Elemental Command (Air)
Cloack of Charisma +2

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty Nadya, the Silvanshee familiar

Post by Johan Berg on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:45 am

Silvanshees, tasked by celestials to be their eyes and ears in the mortal planes, see deception as a natural part of being.

Nadya, met Yosa during his time as an ajudicator and preliminary excecutioner, to the royal family of Arivak, an industrial succesor to the Iron Isles. His skills and dedication to a primitive cause, made her curious and started following him. She witnessed him commiting crimes against other beings, framing them, jailing them, some times even ending their lives, but she saw a good in him, she would star saving the lives he was taking, by seemingly random accidents, speaking to Yosa's mind directly, but some times Yosa himself would stop his hand, she was starting to have an influence in him.

2 years and some time later, Yosa and Nadya were master and familiar, she would be his consience, and he would redeem himself by helping any person that needed help against unjust and selfish rulers. He was working from within the courts, to improve the daily lives of farmers and fishers, beggars and urchins. Nadya slowly and naturaly, became a moral guide and friend to Yosa, through her advice he would find Razgriz and help him rid the Uncharted territories of the evil presence.

August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster 43785d10

NG Tiny outsider (agathion, extraplanar, good)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +10


AC 23, touch 22, flat-footed 21
hp 46
Fort +14, Ref +16, Will +10; +4 vs. poison
DR 5/evil or silver; Immune electricity, petrification; Resist cold 10, sonic 10; SR 26


Speed 30 ft., fly 90 ft. (good)
Melee bite +15 (1d3–4), 2 claws +15 (1d2–4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks heroic strength, pounce
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 2nd; concentration +3)

Constant--know direction, speak with animals
At will--dancing lights, prestidigitation, stabilize
1/day--dimension door (self plus 5 lbs. of objects only)
1/week--commune (6 questions, CL 12th)

Str 3, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 19
Base Atk +2; CMB +11; CMD 17 (21 vs. trip)
Feats Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse, Alterness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, Deliver touch spells, Speak with master, Speak with animals, Spell resistance, Scry on familiar
Skills Acrobatics +24, Climb +20, Fly +19, Knowledge (arcana) +18, Knowledge (planes) +17, Perception +27, Stealth +32, Sense Motive +20;
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; speak with animals, truespeech
SQ cat’s luck, flight, lay on hands (7d6, 3/day), spectral mist

Cat’s Luck (Su)

A silvanshee adds its Charisma modifier as a luck bonus on all its saving throws. Once per day as a standard action, it can also grant this bonus to one ally within 30 feet for 10 minutes.

Heroic Strength (Su)

Once per day, a silvanshee can grant itself a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength for 1 minute.

Spectral Mist (Su)

A silvanshee can assume an eerie, mist-like form roughly the size and shape of a cat. This ability has the same effect as a gaseous form spell, except the silvanshee retains its own DR and supernatural abilities and can move at its normal speed. It can remain in mist form up to 5 minutes per day. This duration does not have to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty Wo'Chon, the Amarock wolf-companion

Post by Johan Berg on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:45 am

"Hunting is a wolf's pride son" Wo'Chons father used to say to him, "It's something you should do alone, but brag to your friends later!".

4 meters long, 2 meters high, 10 meters from nos to the tip of the tail, 9 tons weight, Amarocks hunt alone, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the strategy of it. They never feeding on people, but don't like them coming near their habitat and are protective of it

Wo'Chon grew up in the forests of Akashuk, next to the kingdom of Arivak. He liked humans since he was young, he was curious about them, todling around in their 2 legs, slow, clumpsy, loud and always so arrogant, humans wandered the forest hunting prey, gathering food and some times even using their various tools to gather wood. He watched them, some times scared them away, some times helped some strays or younglings, he became a legend to the billaged close to the forest, and humans started coming to the forest to find and probably captivate him.

Wo'Chon lived for decades in the forest, escaping human poachers and hunting his prey daily, to keep his instincts sharp. He noticed humans had started slowly but steadily senting hunting parties for him, so he hid further in the forest to wait some decades untill the humans forgot about him. But he was wrong, some months later, a solitary human started roaming the forest, in search of him presumably, the hunt was on, he loved the hunt. He stalked and hid from the human, some days outsmarting him, others not. For weeks, this game of tracking and hiding kept on, untill one day the human won him over. Curious for the human world and it's tools and ingenius devices, Wo'Chon followed this human in his journeys, getting closer and closer to him, untill he came to trust him as his leader and friend.

Wo'Chon became the structured, law-abiding side of Yosa's perception of the world, as his world-view affected Yosa, as much as Yosa's affected his.

To the republic of Gutenbeer, Wo'Chon is known and loved as a protector of the city, and especialy children. He mostly speaks and acompanies children, some times even tens of children riding his back playing in the streets of Gutenbeere. He likes to speak and play with children. Most nights he's seen on top of the Noble Mansion, watching Gutenbeere as a loyal protector.

August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Cph_4010

LN Huge magical beast
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent, see in darkness, true seeing; Perception +28


AC 28, touch 13, flat-footed 23 (+5 Dex, +15 natural, –2 size)
hp 172 (15d10+90)
Fort +15, Ref +14, Will +13


Speed 50 ft.
Melee bite +23 (4d6+15/19–20 plus grab and trip)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks grab, soul bite, trip
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th; concentration +15)

Constant—discern lies, true seeing
3/day—remove curse

Str 30, Dex 21, Con 22, Int 15, Wis 23, Cha 16
Base Atk +15; CMB +27 (+35 grapple); CMD 42 (44 vs. grapple, 46 vs. trip)
Feats Alertness, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Greater Grapple B, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Grapple B, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Power Attack, Vital Strike
Skills Perception +28, Sense Motive +25, Stealth +19, Survival +21; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth
Languages Common, Sylvan; speak with animals

Soul Bite (Su)

As a standard action, an amarok can bite directly into the soul of any creature it can see. A shadowy image of the bitten creature appears next to the amarok, and the amarok makes its bite attack as if the creature were within reach. A soul bite deals the same amount of damage as a normal bite attack, and ignores hardness and damage reduction. If its bite attack hits, the amarok can attempt to trip and grab the target. When the amarok grabs a creature in this way, the creature doesn't move, but the amarok visibly wrestles with the shadowy image and the creature appears to be grappling with thin air. This ability doesn't work against creatures that don't have souls (like most constructs) or that don't have a separate body and soul (like outsiders).

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty Cohorts

Post by Johan Berg on Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:12 am

D'Artanya was a farmer girl of Arivak, the only child of her father, her mother had passed away she was helping her father on the field since she was 6. Yosa needed her as an errand girl, bully, tax collector, extortionist and most times as a lover

They met when she was 17, when he gave her 1 silver piece to deliver a message for him, meeting then again on the streets or the inn some times, she grew in love with the beautiful noble man, wanting to seduce him she started acting more ladylike. Yosa took notice of the girl, and taught her the sword, while she was more interested in a relic of his, a weapon of an older time, from the kingdoms of the Iron Isles, the musket.

After her father's death due to illness, she sold the farm and enlisted in Arivak's mercenary forces, while keeping a close business relationship with Yosa, the then spymaster of the kingdom.

The man she fell in love with was not Yosa, but a mere persona of his. As she grew to know the real Yosa the feelings of love departed from her heart. Yosa some months later left Arivak for the mainland, while she stayed on Arivak, only to meet Yosa again 7 years later, as the hero that saved the Uncharted territories, and she, as a wondering mercenary trying to rid the world of evil. She started falling for this new persona of his again, even though she knew it was fake.

To Gutenbeere she's known as Madame Mousquetaire, loyal protector of the Councilman Johan Berg, she's known to have no limits, to what she'll do to someone she deems evil.

D'Artanya La Mousquetaire, lvl 6 Gunslinger:

CG Human Musketeer 6
Init +3; Sense Perception +2

AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 16
hp 33
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Rapier +9/+4 (1d6, 18–20/×2)
Ranged Musket +10/+5 (1d12+2, x4)

Str 9, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 13
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 19
Feats Deeds, Nimble +2, Gunsmithing, Grit(2), Rapid Reload, Guntraining (musket), Weapon Focus (musket), Weapon Specialization (Muskets), Critical Focus, Armor Focus (studded leather), Improved Armor Focus (studded leather)
Skills Acrobatics +12, Climb +8, Craft(Alchemy) +9, Handle Animal +10, Ride +12
Languages Common
August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster C44c8d10

Antoinette, La Chevalier, lvl 6 Cavalier:

August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Images10

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty Personas

Post by Johan Berg on Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:19 am

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August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster Empty Re: August Johan Berg (Yosa Najin), secretly the Spymaster

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