Turn 3: January 1046

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Turn 3: January 1046 Empty Turn 3: January 1046

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Current Map State

Turn 3: January 1046 KBl3snnslSes58SLTK6iiSO6ePKA8UN7oU62jGwQI4KWt7sqYqgUtWLjBn5JR4cpnmdrNkxEz1E_UM_nhAHDvdpt79pou_nRfgJxbvbVL75ED2Fm3i0rDHMmn3uOp1O2_wrEWO_Q

Serene Republic of Gutenbeere, on the floodplains of Bissigbier
Alignment: Neutral Good    Population: 4650

Loyalty: 16
Stability: 23
: 25
Size: 3
Fame: 3
Infamy: 2

Active Edicts
6 Holidays per year
No Taxes
Standard Promotion
Masons' Guild Boon

Capital City of Gutenbeere
1 District, Population: 3650
Palace District (7/36)
[]Dance Hall
[]Granary (Stock: 2)

Additional territory of 2 tiles
[]Silver Lode
[]Crystal Beacon
[]2 Farms

Past Exploration Edict Results

Your exploration party has successfully managed to map a large area around Gutenbeere. The purple dots on the map mark the abstract limits of the information they collected. The pink dots mark locations of interest. They are the following:

  To the West, on the south coast of river Silverwater, there is a settlement called Strohalm. Largely populated by elves, this village is unlikely to consider itself a natural part of the Gutenbeere Republic. Diplomatic relations will have to be established if we are to annex them. The village already has a Town Hall, several houses, a farm, a bridge, and a marketplace.
  To the West, on the hills south of Strohalm, there is a Manticore Lair. It seems to be a large enough population to keep anyone from exploring the hills for resources. They frequently prey on the population of Strohalm.
  To the South, on the Coast of the Great Sea, there is a great port. A colossal edifice constructed entirely out of solid granite spreads for miles along the coast, with a gleaming lighthouse marking its furthest edge inside the sea. Nobody knows who built it, but it seems to have been abandoned for ages. This Landmark doubles as a waterfront building.
  Just outside the delta, on Bissigbier Bay, there is a lone isle. It is haunted by a mysterious greenish-grey mist. Nobody dares to go there.
  To the East there are some of the most fertile rice fields in the land. Each of these hexes contains a farm that produces 4 BP's worth of rice each.

Upkeep Phase:

Unrest: +3 (DC:27)
Treasury: 0 (current consumption: [1+(7-7)]= 1)

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