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Bulletin: The High Council Empty Bulletin: The High Council

Post by Gamemaster on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:31 pm

The High Council and the Senate are the two elements that traditionally compose the Government of the Most Serene Republic of Gutenbeere. Although senators are elected from the ranks of the nobility, Lords of the Council may come from all walks of life. They are appointed by the Senate on the basis of merit and they are the ones who, for all intents and purposes, govern the State. This appointment is for life. The only reason for a member of the council to be replaced is death, retirement, or unanimous impeachment.At the current age, the High Council is considered to be the right hand of the Triumvirate and the true seat of power in the Realm.

The proper form of address for a member of the council still in office is always "my Lord"--even if said member is not true nobility.

Current composition of the High Council (year of our Lord 1045)


Councilor: Margaret Medwynn

General: General Manderson

Grand Diplomat: Lord Sheev of House Udina

High Priest: Christodol the Pious

Magister: August Razgriz

Marshal: Commander Martinor

Spymaster: August Johan Berg

Treasurer: Pyotr Beliss

Warden: Clint Westmoore


Royal Enforcer: Jon Weak


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