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Post by Johan Berg on Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:48 am

20 November 1054
Memorandum for Razgriz & PetrosBot
Classification: Military(General, Commander & Warden are classified to read)

Subject: A Force for prevention of unknown threats


I still advocate for the establishing of a Force in being for protection against external and internal threats. We are paying General Manderson and Commander Martinor either way, and the recent influx of unskilled labor from the disorganized villages of the south leaves me thinking they would benefit from some discipline and training.

The benefits of this by far outweight the costs, economically, politically and diplomatically.

The surrounding plains and grasslands can feed and sustain a formidable number of warbeasts, and the years of military experience our current cabinet has can help train cavaliers to extend a zone of influence outside the town.

My estimate is we could use a double standart for military personel and support a semi-professional garisson within our walls, and a far-reaching professional cavalry corps to claim natural resources and protect against natural threats any native or barbarian that wants to educate their children in the Magistrate's libraries and schools

I propose this month, or the next one at most, we begin training and sorting the skilled riders out of the recruits, and commision farms and pastures to begin breeding, buying or replacing some of their horses.

Finaly, we need to house and feed our army, we need to query the reliability of our smith to equip such a monstrous number of soldiers, find people experienced with husbandry to sustain the horses and most of all, find the money to pay the army we deserve, to protect the Republic.

P.S. I think outfiting the army with a religious symbol will make the old-man happy, maybe he'll chip in a little something for the armours

P.S.S. Our access to water makes me consider a small fleet of trade protecting ships, a point should be made next year about trading and diplomacy with our neighbours to the south east

First logistics-draft, to be updated based on military doctrine consensus
1st month - create garisson 'army 1' "temporary garisson name", 100 lvl 1 warriors consumption 1 BP/week
2nd month - mounting 'army 1' on horseback, change name to "cavalry name 1", 100 Heavy warhorses, one time pay of 2 BP, consumption +1 BP/week
3rd month - create garisson 'army 2' "garisson name", 200 lvl 1 warriors, consumption 1 BP/week
4th month - outfiting 'of army 2' with ranged weapons, 200 shortbows, longbows, heavy&light crossbows, one time pay of 2 BP, consumption +1 BP/week
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